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11/06/97 (Thu)  Maritime Hall - San Francisco, CA
Set 1: Bertha, Cassidy > Sultans of Swing > Playing in the Band, Broken Arrow, China Cat Sunflower > I Saw Her Standing There

Set 2: Dark Star > The Other One > New Speedway Boogie > Black Throated Wind, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, Box of Rain

Set 3: Not Fade Away > St. Stephen > Terrapin Station > Midnight Moonlight > Big River, E: The Minstrel, Cosmic Charlie

Comment: Unbroken Chain Foundation Benefit.

Lineup: The Broken Angels: Anthony Aversano, Robin Bonnell, Bob Bralove, Clayton Call, Duane Day, Rik Elswit, Al Feldstein, Scott Fernandez, David Gans, Jennifer Jolly, Gary Lambert, Phil Lesh, Bob Nakamine, Steve Ramirez, Eric Rawlins, Mika Scott, Liz Warren

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08/11/12 (Sat)  Terrapin Crossroads (Grate Room) - San Rafael, CA
Set 1: Shakedown Street > Friend of the Devil, Big Boss Man, Deal > New Speedway Boogie, Midnight Moonlight, Peach-Pickin Down in Georgia, Pride of Cucamonga, Alabama Getaway, Chattanooga Sugar Babe, Bird Song, Willy and the Hand Jive, Loose Lucy, Whiskey River, E: Rocky Top, Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad > And We Bid You Goodnight

Lineup: Phil Lesh
Jeff Chimenti
Jon Graboff
Tony Leone
Mark Karan
Ross James
Aaron Redner
Boo Reiners

Source: Rob Scalcione

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