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Search Tips

Here are some tips to make your search more efficient:

Fields can be left blank to pull up every show from the artist selected. For best  results fill in the least amount of search criteria necessary. 
Band Name
Choose what band you want to search for. At this time you can only search for setlist from one band at a time.
Last 30 Days and Upcoming show buttons
These buttons will fill the date into the search between text boxes.
Search Between
Insert dates you want to search between. You can leave the start date, end date or both dates blank.
Song or comment Search
A song entered here will filter out setlists that have the song title in it. You can enter a songs or comments. The and/or radio button will help if you are looking for a setlist with 2 songs or an either/or type search.
You can search the comment section if you know of comments that are attached to the show ( e.g. You can search for Santana in the comment section to find a show that he may have sat it on. Please remember that comments are not always entered in with a setlist so Santana might have sat in but it might not be marked.)
Search by venue name. You can enter a partial venue name as well.
Search by city name. You can enter a partial city name as well.
Search by state or country. States are in a 2 letter format (e.g. New York would be NY ) and countries are usually spelled out in full (e.g. Germany would be Germany, not GE ). Canadian shows are listed by providence in most cases. 
List By
Displays your results by Date, Venue, City, State/Country or by Last Updated. Date is the default.
Order By
Displays your results in Descending or Ascending order. Ascending is the default.

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