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??/??/87 (???)  "Here Goes' Nothin' " Released - , ,
Set 1: Golden Road, The Core, Little Wing, Straight Jackets, Smells Like Girl Drums, Tear Tags off Mattresses, Severe Tire Damage, Goin' Down, Showboat

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01/19/07 (Fri)  Cervante's Masterpiece Ballroom - Denver, CO
Set 1: Cole's Law, Baby Baby, Chance In A Million, The Weight, Showboat, Pits Of Thunder

Set 2: Tongue 'n' Groove, Me & The Devil, Trouble You Can't Fool Me > Rigor Mortis > Outskirts Of Town > Rigor Mortis, War At The End Of The World, Don't Let Go

Lineup: Steve Kimock - guitars. Greg Anton - drums. John Morgan Kimock - drums. Martin Fierro - saxophone. Melvin Seals - keyboards. Donna Jean Godchaux Mackay - vocals. Liam Hanrahan - bass. Arnie Green - guitar, vocals. Jerry Joseph - guitar, vocals.

Source: Charlie Miller

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