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10/05/03 (Sun)  The Fillmore - San Francisco, CA
Set 1: Couch Lady, Bone Delay, Jones (1), Short Circuit > Outside Out > Bass/tap duel > Outside Out, Horn Jam > Exit Wound, Organ solo > Where the Soul Never Dies, Sunday Drive, Bass Flute solo (2) > Gatekeeper, That's The Way (Jah Jah Planned It) (3), Soulfood Man, Take Me Out Outro > Exit Wound, Six Feet Of Snow, E: Round Room > I'm a Fool for you Baby (4)

Comment: (1) Max Creek cover sung by Scott Murawski
(2) By request played by Julee Avallone
(3) I-Threes/ Rita Marley cover sung by Julee Avallone and Jeannie Hill
(4) Aretha Franklin cover sung by Jeannie Hill.

Source: JoJo Smith, Timo

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