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Mind Caravan
09/08/01 (Sat)  Bacchanalia Festival @ Beck's Family Campground - Canaan, OH
Set 1: Bendee, Agony Rider, The Prophet Malcontent, Medicated Goo, Carnival > Bocce Cruiser, Jona The Jaundiced Magician (1), The Ocean (2), Eyes Of The World, Boneless Nuggets and Seedless Chicken, The Core, Funky Bitch > Tractor Man (3) > Outro Jam (4)

Comment: (1) indicates Mind Caravan original (first time played)
(2) Led Zeppelin cover (first time played)
(3) First Tractor Man since 08-06-00, key words: "Dough Boy, FedEx Man, Spider Man, Tractor Man."
(4) Jam includes a Moby Dick (Led Zeppelin) jam, Sissy Strut (The Meters) jam, and band member introductions.

Other Artist(s): Opened For: Sultans of Bing, Captain Jackpot, Geronimo's Catillac, and River Junction

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