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Last updated 9/27/2022


What is the purpose of the 311 setlist site?

The purpose of this site is to maintain a comprehensive listing of the songs played each night, in each city where 311 performs. With the assistance of 311 Management and those in attendance, this site is updated frequently with the setlist from each show.

How can I submit a setlist?

It's a good idea to take notes on your phone, or bring a small index-card and pen (if you wish to go old-school). Alternativley, you can text the songs as they are played to yourself. Or you can Tweet them to me from the show, or send me pictures of the setlist at: Please do your best to get the setlist down in order, as we're striving for 100% setlist accuracy.

Also, take note of any occurrenes that stand out at the show which make it unique. Examples may include: extended song intros/jams, stage chatter, song dedications and equipment changes or difficulties.

As soon as possible, email or Tweet the setlist from the show to me with your name so that you can be thanked (if no name is given, I will use your email address/handle). Please be sure to include the date/venue/city in the email when submitting the setlist.

How long does it usually take before a setlist is posted?

Generally, setlists are posted to the site within 24-hours of when the show takes place. If the setlist has not been posted within that time-frame, it usually means that it has not been received or I am waiting for further confirmation on details.

*** Often, setlists will be posted as early as the end of the show! ***

Why does the stage setlist sometimes differ from what is actually played?

Occasionally, 311 will choose to play songs that are not on the stage setlists due to a last minute change, dedication, crowd request, or simply because they get the urge.

How does 311 choose the songs for each setlist?

Before the show each day, the band meets and puts together a list of songs they feel like playing. If you have looked at the tour stats, you can tell they like to mix things up. They consistently perform rare songs to keep things fresh and are constantly striving to create an ultimate concert experience for their fans. Also, the setlists are generally shorter when there is a "festival lineup." Finally, if they are touring in support of a recently released album, the setlist contains a higher concentration of songs from that album.

Who are you?

My name is Ryan Harris and I live and work in Olathe, KS (Kansas City Area). I'm 41-years old, I love to play guitar (total gear-head), appreciate music, cultivate an array of micro-hobbies, have 2 cats, and enjoy traveling. I have been attending 311 shows all over the country and enjoying their music since 1996, so really, I'm just a huge 311 fan like all of you, with a pretty sweet part-time (unpaid, volunteer) gig.

Who else is involved in the 311 setlist website?

The setlist site was created in 1999, by Mike Ganezer from NYC. He formed a partnership with 311 Management (Peter Raspler) to receive stage setlists from every show. In 2002-2003, Mike turned the site over to me because I was a loyal and detailed setlist submitter. I've since enlisted the support of many other dedicated 311 fans like Megan McTigue, Christine Wong, Joseph Jones, John David Dodd Jr., Jenny Rose, Ron Ivanjack, and Daniel Patterson to help with various facets of the site.

Will you please tell 311 to come to (location) or can you have them play (song name)?

No, I'm not directly involved in where 311 schedules performances or what songs they put on the setlist. If you want 311 to come to your town or play your favorite song, try making a request using a fan forum, or reaching out to the band directly via other means (i.e. in person, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc).

I emailed you a setlist, but I don't see my name under the "thanks to" list.

If you have submitted a setlist after the "final" version has been uploaded, you likely won't receive credit. Please submit setlists as quickly after the show takes place as possible to ensure that your name gets added to the "thanks to" section.

I noticed an error, can I email you a correction?

Yes, please be sure to include specific information along with the date of the show. Keep in mind that everyone remembers events slightly different, so even if you're sure of an occurrence, another person's recollection may differ. I take the consensus opinion from all the information received to determine accuracy.

How can I contact you?

All setlists, corrections, and correspondence should be emailed to:

You can also follow the setlist site on Twitter: