March 11, 2010
Las Vegas, NV
Mandalay Bay Events Center

12,000+ fans attended, representing all 50 US States and 10 Countries.
- The band played a total of 60 songs, and 32 different songs from the last 311 Day.
- The show was broadcast live to fans all over the world via the internet.
An intricate light and laser show was enhanced by circular video screens and an in-the-round stage.


Intro >
1. Jackpot
(With intro Google Earth video zeroing in on Las Vegas)
2. Sick Tight
(With video)
3. Plain
4. Beautiful Disaster
5. Hydroponic
(With video)
6. Flowing
(With lasers and chilled smoke, and drum-riser spin)
7. Still Dreaming
(Last played 8/12/07)
8. Loco
(With lasers)
9. Uncalm
10. Mix It Up
(With lasers and drum-riser spin)
11. Purpose
(With video)
12. From Chaos
13. Running
14. Solar Flare
(Last played 7/12/07) (With video, smoke/light effects making Chad's drum-kit look on fire)
15. Taiyed
(With extended jam intro, and extra long guitar solo)
16. Sun Come Through
(Setlist debut) (With video and chilled smoke)
17. What Was I Thinking?
(With drum-riser spin)
18. Livin' & Rockin'
(With CD Intro) (With Lasers)

Featuring Rolla Bola Balance Act


19. All Mixed Up
("Get loose!" ~ Nick) (With video)
20. India Ink
(Nick told the crowd he was having more fun listening to them sing)
21. My Stoney Baby
(With lasers)
22. Come Orginal
23. Silver
(With drum-riser spin)
24. Don't Tread On Me
25. Beyond the Gray Sky
(With video, lasers and chilled smoke)
26. You Wouldn't Believe
Extended P-Nut Bass Solo
("The Awakening" by Dexter Redding) (P-Nut's stage lift elevated)
27. Nutsymtom
28. Brodels
(Last played 6/15/00) (With lasers)
29. Creatures (For a While)
(With video and drum-riser spin)

Featuring African Acrobats Performing in the Crowd

(Dub Reggae Set, w/ Chad on secondary rasta-painted drum-kit)

Welcome Intro >
30. 1, 2, 3
(With video)
31. Rub a Dub
32. Color
(Last played 11/26/97) (With lasers)
33. Light Years
34. Who's Got the Herb
(With heavy ending) (With video)

- The Summer 2010 Unity Tour was announced, featuring 311 and The Offspring


35. Let the Cards Fall
(With video)
36. Crack the Code
(With video)
37. Two Drops in the Ocean
(Setlist debut) (With video and chilled smoke)
38. Random
39. Nix Hex
(With extended Tim Solo) (With lasers)
40. Feels So Good
41. Golden Sunlight
(With video and chilled smoke)
42. Six
(Last played 8/15/07)
43. Do Right/Stay Home/Hive Mashup
(Drumkit rotated to different section of the crowd for each song)
44. Omaha Stylee
(With drumkit spinning 360 degrees during CD intro)

Featuring Tamara Yerofeyeva Hula Hoop Contortion Act


45. Down (Dedicated to all the Old School 311 Fans)
46. Off Beat Bare Ass (With lasers and chilled smoke)
47. Amber (With video)
48. Daisy Cutter
49. Use of Time
(With video and chilled smoke)
50. Get Down
(Setlist debut)
51. Applied Science
(Extended drum solo, and full band drumline rising from the stage 15ft on 3 lifts)
52. 8:16 AM
53. Visit
54. Sever
(With lasers)
55. It's Getting OK Now
(Last played 8/28/07) (With lasers and chilled smoke)
56. Freeze Time
(With "HEY!" chant)
57. There's Always an Excuse
(Last played 3/18/08) (With lasers)
58. Slinky
(Last played 10/10/93) (Nick forgot some words to the first verse and started laughing)
59. Fuck the Bullshit
(Stage dive from Nick)
60. Unity
(With laser grand-finale)

- The band took a group bow at the front of the stage upon the show's conclusion.

- P-Nut jumped into the crowd at the end of the show to shake hands with the many fans who gathered by the barricades at the front of the stage

Thanks to Alex Hutchins, Tim Davis, Dale Biser, GMANCRC, Jeff Lemen, Alex Falls, Richard Bregnard, John David Dodd Jr., and 311's Management and Crew.

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