June 23, 2009
Saratoga Springs, NY
Saratoga Performing Arts Center

1. Never Ending Summer
2. Beautiful Disaster
3. All Mixed Up
4. Mix It Up
5. Come Original
6. India Ink
7. Freeze Time
8. Daisy Cutter
9. Amber
10. Applied Science
11. Something Out of Nothing
12. Beyond the Gray Sky
13. Sick Tight
14. I Like The Way
15. Hey You
16. It's Alright*
17. What Was I Thinking**
18. Jackpot
19. Creatures (For a While)
20. Omaha Stylee
(Do Right/Stay Home/Hive)***
21. Down

*- P-Nut sat on the front of the stage during the bass breakdown
**- Before song, Tim's pedal board was having technical difficulties and P-Nut performed a bass solo. Afterward, Nick grabbed a guitar and the band jammed for about 5 minutes while the tech problem was resolved.
Nick remarked that the jam was called, "Time-filler in Saratoga."
***- On stage setlist, but not played

Thanks to Will Maldarelli, Jason Hosier, Hawaiianshirt311 and 311 Mgmt.