May 5, 2009
Asheville, NC
The Orange Peel

<Night 2>

1. Beautiful Disaster
2. Random
3. Don’t Tread On Me*
4. Freak Out
5. Lucky
6. Uncalm
7. Hydroponic
8. Love Song
9. Galaxy
10. Applied Science**
11. Use of Time
12. You Wouldn’t Believe
13. Nix Hex
14. Transistor
15. Do You Right
16. Hey You
17. Freeze Time
18. Salsa****
19. Unity
20. Mindspin#
21. Fuck The Bullshit

* - First song off the "Don't Tread On Me" album played this tour
**- After Chad's solo, Nick came back on stage wearing a sleeveless Music album T-shirt

***- On stage setlist, but not played
****- Played due to crowd chant, Nick remarked, "hey, we know that one." Note, this song was on the stage setlist as second song of the encore after "Mindspin."
#- First time played since 3/11/06.
##- "We're going to end this one like we did in the old days"

Thanks to Chris Martz, Will Wooten, hegen1rr, Morgan Haynes and 311 Mgmt.