April 19, 2009
Wichita, KS
The Cotillion

1. Freak Out
2. Freeze Time
3. From Chaos
4. Misdirected Hostility*
5. Love Song >
6. Welcome
7. Large in the Margin
8. 8:16 AM
9. Eons
10. Applied Science**
11. Rub A Dub
12. Come Original
13. My Stoney Baby
14. All Mixed Up
15. Crack the Code
16. Amber
17. Sick Tight
18. Hey You***
19. Down
(What Was I Thinking?)****
20. Who's Got the Herb#
21. Beautiful Disaster

*- Tim's guitar rig has technical difficulties during the beginning of the song, Nick then sang during the second chorus, "Misdirected Hostility - remix"
** - During the drumline, P-Nut dropped a drumstick, but continued to beat on Nick’s drum while he walked around to pick up the stick
*** - Nick remarked that it was nice to see the pit going to a new song
****- On stage setlist, but not played
#- Not on stage setlist, but played due to crowd request

Thanks to John Jahnke, Joey and 311 Mgmt.