November 18, 2009
Chicago, IL
Aragon Ballroom

1. Sick Tight
2. Jackolantern's Weather
3. All Mixed Up
4. Mix It Up
(Other Side of Things)*
5. From Chaos
6. Plain
7. Freak Out
8. Down
9. Applied Science
10. India Ink
11. Prisoner
(Daisy Cutter)*
12. Visit
(Bass Solo)
13. Beautiful Disaster
14. Jackpot
15. Creatures (For a While)
16. Unity
17. Feels So Good

*- On stage setlist, but not played

Note, there was a 10 PM cut-off that was being ridigly enforced by the venue. 311 tried to play as many songs as possible, and offered to pay a fine to keep playing, but the venue stated that they would cut the power off at 10 PM, so the setlist was shortened.

Thanks to Gunther, Jim Vallem and 311 Mgmt.