July 2, 2008
Council Bluffs, IA
Westfair Amphitheatre (Festival Lineup)

GBU Intro
1. Do You Right
2. Come Original
3. Freeze Time
4. Prisoner
5. What Was I Thinking?
6. Love Song
7. Flowing
8. Wake Your Mind Up
9. You Wouldn’t Believe
10. Applied Science*
11. All Mixed Up
(Sick Tight)**
13. Amber
14. Beautiful Disaster
15. Creatures (For A While)
16. Omaha Stylee
17. Who's Got the Herb***
18. Down****

*- With extended drum solo
**- On stage setlist, but not played
***- Not on stage setlist, but played
****- "Who knew that five dudes from Omaha would still be doin' this 18 years later? This one goes out to all the old school 311 fans in the house tonight that've been with us all these years...much love."

Thanks to Justin Eatherton, Matt Adamski and 311 Mgmt.