March 11, 2008
New Orleans, LA
New Orleans Arena

3-11 Day 2008
14,000+ fans attended from all 50 states and 12 different countries.
The band played 63 songs, and 22 different songs from the last 3-11 Day


Bass Note Intro
1. Homebrew
2. Freeze Time
(w/ CO2 steam blasts)
3. Freak Out
4. Don't Tread On Me
5. What Was I Thinking?
(w/ circle tube video screens)
6. The Continuous Life
(first time played live)
7. Beautiful Disaster
8. Champagne
9. How Do You Feel
10. 8:16 AM
(circle tube video screens)
11. Right Now
(last played 3/14/04)(w/ lasers - first time for lasers in a show)
12. Plain
13. Strangers
(last played 3/11/06)
14. Frolic Room
(w/ extended jam before SA's part)
15. Love Song
16. T & P Combo
17. Transistor
18. Seal the Deal
(first time played live)
19. Eons
20. Other Side of Things
21. Don't Stay Home
(w/ confetti canons)

A performance by New Orleans' famous Rebirth Brass Band (9 jazz players) with the Lady Buckjumpers (4 females in costume dancing with big green feathers) and two dancing Mardi Gras Indians in big colorful costumes.


22. Reconsider Everything
23. Prisoner
(w/ lasers)
24. Taiyed
(w/ extended intro jam)
25. Rub A Dub
26. Creatures (For a While)
(w/ streamer canon)
27. Lucky
28. All Mixed Up
29. Bomb the Town
(last played 2/26/02)(w/ CO2 steam blasts)
30. Flowing
31. Let the Cards Fall
(w/ video screens)
32. You Wouldn't Believe
33. Nix Hex
(w/ extended jam ending) (w/ lasers)
34. Come Original
35. Applied Science
(w/ extended drum solo and Chad's drum kit elevated 15ft in the air)
36. The Joker
(Steve Miller Band Cover Song)(first time played live)
37. Juan Bond
(last played 3/11/04)
38. Amber
39. Starshines
(w/ lasers)
40. Today My Love
(last played 4/8/02)
41. Livin and Rockin
(last played 12/16/05)
42. Down
(w/ CO2 steam blasts)

Unity Tour 2008 announcement was made, announcing the summer tour...311 and Snoop Dogg! A Snoop video message played on the jumbo screens, and a special audio announcement played over the loud speakers.


43. Beyond the Gray Sky
(w/ lasers)
44. Don't Let Me Down
45. Summer of Love
46. Do You Right
47. Off Beat Bare Ass
48. Misdirected Hostility
49. Sick Tight
(w/ CO2 steam blasts)
50. Purpose
51. Large In the Margin
52. Stealing Happy Hours
(w/video screens)
53. From Chaos
54. There's Always an Excuse
(w/ lasers)
55. Running
(w/video screens)
56. Wake Your Mind Up
(w/ CO2 steam blasts)
57. Gap
(Tim's stage setlist had Whiskey and Wine typed setlist with Gap handwritten next to it)
58. Nutsymtom
59. Silver
60. Feels So Good
(P-Nut did a finger taping bass solo before song)
61. Who's Got the Herb?
(w/ confetti cannon)
62. Omaha Stylee
(Tim popped a string on Blue and had to switch quickly to Ol' Red)
63. Paradise
(w/ lasers, CO2 steam blasts, super confetti cannons and Chad's platford rose again)

- First time a show was closed with Paradise. Nick told the crowd, "this 3-11 Day is Paradise to the band." At the end of the show, the band took a group bow. SA said "we love you" and Nick said "stay positive and love your life")

- P-Nut jumped into the crowd at the end of the show to shake hands with the many fans who gathered by his section of the stage

Thanks to Jack Shephard, RaggaMuffin, Robert Castillo, Amanda Haggart, Michael Nadeau, Alex Hutchins, Tim David, Patrick, Rob Vernon, Joe, Monik Ladha, John David Dodd Jr., John, Will, Megan McTigue and 311 Mgmt.