July 24, 2007 Gilford, NH Meadowbrook Arts Center

Tribal Drum Intro
1. Beautiful Disaster
2. Off Beat Bare Ass
3. Large in the Margin
4. Taiyed*
5. Gap**
6. Don't Tread on Me
7. Welcome***
8. All Mixed Up
9. Borders****
10. Sick Tight
11. Applied Science#
12. Creature Feature##
13. Amber
14. Freeze Time
15. Nix Hex###
16. Life's Not a Race
17. Let the Cards Fall####
18. You Wouldn't Believe
19. Freak Out$
20. Creatures (For a While)
21. Who's Got the Herb$$
22. What Was I Thinking?
23. Down

*- With jam intro
**- "Here's one from our first B-Sides collection"
***- With extended jam intro
****- First time played since 7/31/04. Also, Nick metioned it was the 10th Anniversary of Transistor and went on to say they would play a few songs from it. Nick also said its been a long time since they played this song.
#- With extended band drum solo
##- First time played since, ever!
###- With jam ending
####- Dedicated to 311 BB'ers who petioned for this song
$- "Let's get this place jumpin' old school style"
$$- Not on setlist, but played due to crowd request
$$$- On stage setlist, but not played

Thanks to kngnate14@hotmail.com, Chris McCourt and 311 Mgmt.