July 1, 2007 Council Bluffs, IA Westfair Amphitheater

Tribal Drum Intro
1. Beautiful Disaster
2. Homebrew
3. Hive
4. You Wouldn't Believe
5. Visit
6. Love Song
7. Life's Not a Race
8. Freeze Time
9. Stealing Happy Hours
10. Applied Science*
11. Electricity
12. Amber
13. Wake Your Mind Up
14. Don't Tread on Me
15. Down
16. Beyond the Gray Sky**
17. Come Original
18. Summer of Love***
19. Feels So Good****
20. Omaha Stylee#
21. All Mixed Up
22. Creatures (For a While)##

*- With new extended band drum solo
**- Dedicated to Mike Hardman
***- "How about an old one, I mean a really old one"
****- After the song, Tim stayed on stage to modify the pitch of a note w/ delay pedal. He tweaked pedal to create various unique sounds and finally let the note continue for the encore break.
# - With CD intro
##- Fireworks display kicked in the during song, and continued after the show

Thanks to Justin Eatherton, Nathan Pickering, Me and 311 Mgmt.