June 28, 2007 Saint Louis, MO Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

Tribal Drum Intro
1. Beautiful Disaster
2. Off Beat Bare Ass
3. Sick Tight
4. Prisoner
5. Life's Not a Race
6. Love Song
7. You Wouldn't Believe
8. Hydroponic
9. Starshines
10. Applied Science*
11. Homebrew
12. My Stoney Baby
13. All Mixed Up
14. Misdirected Hostility
15. Flowing
16. Freak Out
17. Lucky
18. Feels So Good
19. Creatures (for a While)
20. Beyond the Gray Sky
21. Down

*- With extended band drum solo. Also, fan notes "the bandís drums had a new psychedelic look to them, Nick and P-Nutís drums had a tom each on them, Tim had his regular crash cymbal and a smaller splash cymbal. P-Nut dropped his drumstick part way through"

Thanks to Mat Welch, Marc Olive, Tim Davis, Alex Hutchins, Mike Leake and 311 Mgmt.