August 9, 2005 Omaha, NE Westfair Amphitheatre

<<River Riot Festival>>

"Are You Ready" Intro
1. Creatures (For a While)
2. Beautiful Disaster
3. Come Original
4. Homebrew
5. Don't Tread on Me
6. Amber
7. Frolic Room
8. Applied Science*
9. Thank Your Luck Stars
10. Beyond the Gray Sky
11. Summer of Love**
12. Love Song
13. You Wouldn't Believe
14. Flowing
15. Nix Hex
16. Freeze Time
17. Hydroponic
18. Down
19. Omaha Stylee****
(Freak Out)***
20. Who's Got the Herb#
(Feels So Good)***
21. Fuck the Bullshit

*- With extended drum solo
**- Played because it was 311's 15th Anniversary of their first show in Omaha, at Sokol Hall, where this song was performed
***- On stage setlist, but not played
****- With CD Intro
# - Not on stage setlist, but played due to crowd request

Thanks to Nate Pickering, Justin Eatherton, Phil Watson and 311 Mgmt.