July 27, 2005 Santa Cruz, CA The Catalyst

(Omaha Stylee Intro)
1. Omaha Stylee
2. Freak Out
3. Beautiful Disaster
4. Don't Tread on Me*
5. Freeze Time
6. Speak Easy*
7. Lucky
8. Amber
9. Creatures (For a While)
10. Solar Flare*
11. Applied Science**
12. Sick Tight
13. Eons
14. Reconsider Everything
15. Come Original
16. Whiskey and Wine*
17. Random
18. Frolic Room*
19. All Mixed Up
20. Feels So Good
21. Beyond the Gray Sky
22. Plain***
23. Down

*- Setlist debut, first time played for a live audience
**- With extended drum solo. Also, SA did not have drumsticks until half-way through solo. Nick helped out on SA's drums until he got sticks.
***- Not on stage setlist, but played

Note: Nick announced that it was the band's 15th anniversary to the day

Thanks to Claude and 311 Mgmt.