December 5, 2005 Milwaukee, WI Eagles Ballroom

Bass Note Intro
1. Welcome
2. Freeze Time
3. From Chaos
4. Galaxy
5. Salsa*
6. Who's Got the Herb**
7. You Wouldn’t Believe
8. Frolic Room
9. Solar Flare
10. Large in the Margin
11. Amber
12. Applied Science***
13. Nix Hex****
14. Speak Easy
15. Come Original
16. Nutsymptom
17. Beautiful Disaster
18. Beyond the Gray Sky
19. Electricity#
20. All Mixed Up
21. Don’t Tread on Me
22. Down
23. Creatures (For a While)
24. Feels So Good##

*- "Here's one we don't play too often." Last played 07/21/04
**- Was listed as first song of encore, but played here due to crowd chant
***- With extended drum solo
****- With six minute extended jam
#- By special request
##- Before song, Nick commented on P-Nuts new signature bass and said: "now I know you just got this thing today and it's brand new, but P-Nut, beat that thang!" Not on stage setlist, but played.

Thanks to Eric Girard and 311 Mgmt.