December 4, 2005 Pittsburgh, PA Duquesne Univ- AJ Palumbo Center

"Are You Ready"
1. Freeze Time* >
2. Freak Out
3. Taiyed
4. Paradise
5. All Mixed Up
6. Sever
7. Beautiful Disaster
8. Grassroots**
9. Applied Science***
10. Frolic Room
11. Nix Hex
12. Speak Easy
13. 8:16 A.M.
14. Beyond the Gray Sky
15. Love Song
16. T & P Combo****
17. There's Always An Excuse
18. Don't Tread on Me
19. Down
20. Omaha Stylee
21. Six or (You Wouldn't Believe)#
22. Creatures (For a While)##

*- With "HEY" Chant
**- Bulletin Board Request
***- With extended drum solo
****- During song a fan threw his beer on stage at P-Nut. After the song, Nick remarked something to the effect of: "Excuse us while we clean up because some dumbshit thought it would be cool to throw his beer up on stage." Also, after song a fan showed Nick a "Scott Stapp is a Tool" T-Shirt, which encited a "Scott Stapp Sucks" chant.
#- On stage setlist with question mark. Six was played for crowd chant.
##- During song Chad threw his drum stick up in the air and it hit the ceiling and he missed it when it came back down

Thanks to Bryan Belland, Luke S., Kevin L., Corey Beynon and 311 Mgmt.