December 2, 2005 Toronto, CAN Phoenix Concert Center

"Are You Ready" Intro
1. Beautiful Disaster>
2. Homebrew
3. Freeze Time
4. Taiyed
5. Love Song
6. Speak Easy
7. All Mixed Up
8. From Chaos
9. Come Original
10. Applied Science*
11. Frolic Room
12. Nix Hex**
13. You Wouldn't Believe
14. Amber
15. Creatures (For a While)
16. Beyond the Gray Sky
17. Grassroots***
18. Don't Tread on Me
19. Down
20. Omaha Stylee
(Freak Out)****
22. Feels So Good#

*- With extended drum solo
**- With extended jam
***-Crowd vote between Other Side of Things, Sever and G-Roots. G-Roots was played after a second round square off with Sever.
****- On stage setlist with question marks, but not played
#- Before this song Nick said he didn't know why it had been so long since they had been back to Canada, but stated to get on the promoters and they will be back soon.

Thanks to Alex Orechin, and 311 Mgmt.