December 11, 2005 Boulder, CO Fox Theatre

Bass Note Intro
1. Welcome
2. Creatures (For a While)
3. Freeze Time
4. Freak Out
5. Offbeat Bareass*
6. Taiyed
7. Love Song
8. Beautiful Disaster
9. Applied Science**
10. White Man (In Hammersmith Palais)***
11. Nix Hex****
12. Speak Easy
13. Come Original
14. DLMD#
15. You Wouldn't Believe
16. Livin' and Rockin'
17. Mindspin##
18. Frolic Room
19. Purpose###
20. All Mixed Up
21. Don't Tread on Me
22. Down
23. Omaha Stylee
24. What Was I Thinking?

*- Nick introduced this song as being about an incident that occurred with cop after a show in Boulder at The Fox Theatre
**- With extended drum solo
***- Nick introduced this song by asking the audience about The Clash
****- With extended jam
#- Last played 6/15/2000
##- Crowd vote between Mindspin, Galaxy and It's Getting Ok Now. Note, Nick said they were ready to play Galaxy, but the crowd voted for Mindspin, so Tim had to switch to the 7-String Guitar.
###- Before song, Nick asked crowd if they wanted them to play Purpose or something else, Purpose was played.

Thanks to JZM,, Todd C, Mark, Jamie Perkins and 311 Mgmt.