December 10, 2005 Lawrence, KS Liberty Hall

"Are Your Ready" Intro
1. Beautiful Disaster
(Freak Out)*
2. Creatures (For a While)**
3. Plain
4. Taiyed >
5. Love Song >
6. T&P Combo
7. Frolic Room
8. Large in the Margin
9. You Wouldn't Believe
10. Applied Science***
11. Don't Dwell
12. Amber
13. Visit
14. 1, 2, 3
15. There's Always an Excuse
16. Livin and Rockin****
17. Nix Hex#
18. Speak Easy
19. Hydroponic
20. Don't Tread on Me
21. Down##
22. Omaha Stylee
(Who's Got the Herb)###
(Freeze Time)###
23. Feels So Good

*- On stage setlist, but not played
**- Not on stage setlist, but played
***- With extended drum solo
****- Last played, 10/31/2000
#- With extended jam
##- Before song, Nick talked about how he remembered the first time the band played the venue. He stated that they had been high for about 3 days. After song, Tim left left a delay pedal on, and tweaked it to repeat a note at a fast interval, which the fans clapped along to in unison until the encore.
###- On stage setlist with question marks, but not played

Thanks to Me and 311 Mgmt.