November 27, 2005 Atlanta, GA Cellar @ Tabernacle

"Are You Ready" Intro
1. Freeze Time
2. Freak Out
3. You Wouldn't Believe
4. Galaxy >
5. Don't Tread on Me
6. Love Song
7. Large in the Margin
8. Applied Science*
9. Other Side of Things
10. From Chaos**
11. Nix Hex >
12. Speak Easy
13. Frolic Room
14. T & P Combo >
15. Beautiful Disaster
16. Mindspin
17. Grassroots**
18. Offbeat Bareass**
19. Hive**
20. Down
21. Unity**
22. What Was I Thinking**
23. There's Always an Excuse

*- With extended drum solo
**- Not on stage setlist, but played
***- On stage setlist, but not played

NOTE: "From Chaos" was played due to sign request in the crowd. The same fans took the sign to the Myrtle Beach show the previous evening. When Nick saw it, he remarked, "I saw that sign last night" and soon after, the song was played.

Thanks to Todd C, Daniel Levi, Richard Owen, Matt Geary and 311 Mgmt.