November 25, 2005 Baltimore, MD Towson Center Arena

Bass Note Intro
1. Welcome* >
2. Freak Out
3. You Wouldn't Believe
4. Taiyed >
5. Beautiful Disaster >
6. Don't Tread On Me
7. Jackolantern's Weather**
8. All Mixed Up
9. Amber
10. Silver
11. Creatures (For A While)
12. Applied Science***
13. Don't Dwell
14. Nix Hex >
15. Speak Easy
16. Come Original****
17. Long For the Flowers#
18. Who's Got The Herb##
19. Beyond The Gray Sky
20. Large in the Margin
21. What Was I Thinking?
22. Down
23. Omaha Stylee
24. Freeze Time
25. Feels So Good

NOTE: 311 are increasingly flowing songs into one another. On the stage setlist, "INTO" denotes this occurrence. On the setlist site, you will now see a ">" after a song, which will imply that one song progressed into the following song.

*- With extended intro
**- Before the song, Nick said: "It's a bit nippy outside, feels like Jackolantern's Weather."
***- Extended drum solo
****- "AAF is comin' original"
# - Setlist debut. Before the song, Nick said "This one's dedicated to the 311 bulletin board, I think we've played this maybe once before." (Song was on stage setlist in the past, but not played.)
##- Before song, a "WGTH" Chant started from the crowd, Nick asked the crowd to keep the beat and started beat-boxing while P-Nut played a funky bass lick. Then Nick suddenly stopped and exclaimed "Ohhhh, you meant Who's Got The Herb!", and 311 proceeded to play the song.

Thanks to Colin Murray, Jason Meadows, Daniel Musher, Nadia Nowzadi and 311 Mgmt.