November 19, 2005 Amherst, MA UMASS- Mullins Center

Bass Note Intro
1. Welcome*
2. Freeze Time
3. Do You Right
4. It's Getting Ok Now
5. T & P Combo
6. Offbeat Bareass
7. Frolic Room
8. Amber
(There's Always an Excuse)**
9. Silver***
10. Galaxy***
11. Applied Science****
(Don't Tread On Me)**
12. Nix Hex***
13. Taiyed***
14. Love Song
15. Come Original
16. Homebrew
17. Hive#
18. Hydroponic##
19. Down
(Who's Got the Herb or You Wouldn't Believe)**
20. Unity***
21. Feels So Good

*- With extended intro
**- On stage setlist, but not played
***- Not on stage setlist, but played. For Galaxy, Nick said "Give it up for SA Martinez on vocals." For Nix Hex jam, Tim through in solo licks and melody lines for Beyond the Gray Sky.
****- With extended drum solo
#- Stage setlist showed DLMD or Hive, Hive was played
##- Stage setlist showed Plain or Hyrdo, Hydroponic was played

NOTE: Nick had some vocal strain the night of the show, hence the tweaks to the setlist above.

Thanks to Rich Frauham,, Gus Pesce, and 311 Mgmt.