November 12, 2005 Lewisburg, PA Bucknell/Gerhard Fieldhouse

1. Welcome*
2. Do You Right
3. Frolic Room
4. Hive
5. Silver
6. You Wouldn't Believe
7. It's Getting OK Now
8. Love Song**
9. T & P Combo
10. I Told Myself
11. Applied Science***
12. Large in the Margin
13. Beautiful Disaster
14. Don't Tread On Me
15. Amber****
16. Nix Hex#
17. Speak Easy
18. All Mixed Up
19. Hydroponic
20. Down##
21. Omaha Stylee###
22. Feels So Good####


*- With extended intro
**- Before song, Nick called a couple on stage for a planned proposal. The couple who came on stage were imposters, which frustrated Nick who said something to the effect of: "This is why we don't do this too often" and "That's the problem, people lie, ahhh fuck it."
***- With extended drum solo
****- Before song, the real couple (Dave and Nicole) got engaged on stage. Also, Nick made a comment about "audibles" and Nebraska Cornhusker Football.
#- With extra extended jam
##- Dedicated to Shootyz Groove and all Old School 311 Fans.
##- With CD Intro
###- Crowd vote between: Freak Out, Creatures and Feels So Good. FSG was played.

Thanks to Mike Ganezer, Christine Wong, Austin Hertzog and