November 10, 2005 Providence, RI Lupos

"Are your Ready" Intro
1. Freak Out
2. Off Beat Bare Ass*
3. You Wouldn't Believe
4. Frolic Room
5. From Chaos
6. Sever**
7. Don't Tread on Me
8. Beautiful Disaster
9. Nutsymptom***
10. Flowing
11. Applied Science****
12. Grassroots#
13. Sick Tight
14. Amber
15. Nix Hex
16. Speak Easy
17. Who's Got the Herb##
18. All Mixed Up
19. What Was I Thinking
20. Down
21. Creatures (For a While)
22. Feels So Good

*- Nick made a comment about a sign in the crowd for this song
**- Before song, Nick stated that they would be playing some rare live songs
***- Before song, in front of Tim, a small brawl occurred between some fans and security. Tim broke into the a ZZ Top riff for the song "Tush," until things were settled.
****- With extended drum solo
#- Played because of online BB petition
##- Before song, Nick asked the crowd what they wanted to hear, and after no song prevailed, he said, "let me ask you this, Who's Got the Herb?"

Thanks to, Richard Frauham, Evan and 311 Mgmt.