October 15, 2005 Los Angeles, CA Dodger Stadium Lot

"Are You Ready" Intro
1. Freak Out
2. Misdirected Hostility
3. Freeze Time
4. Homebrew
5. Speak Easy
6. Solar Flare
7. Jackolantern's Weather
8. Amber
9. All Mixed Up
10. Whiskey and Wine
11. Beautiful Disaster
12. Applied Science*
13. Frolic Room
14. Love Song
15. White Man in Hammersmith Palais**
16. Nix Hex***
17. There's Always an Excuse
18. Don't Tread on Me
19. Flowing
20. Beyond the Gray Sky****
21. Down
22. Creatures (For a While)
23. Feels So Good

*- With extended drum solo
**- During song, Nick threw his harmonica to some girls in the crowd, but they couldn't catch it and it fell to the ground. The security guard came to pick it up and acted like he put it behind the speaker, but actually pocketed it. Nick then asked where the harmonica went and if the girls didn't get it, he wanted it back, but never got it and went on to the next song.
***- With extended instrumental jam
****- During the song, the sky was really overcast and even sprinkling, but behind the crowd, the moon was super bright and clear. Also, before this song Nick said they had a crap crowd setlist and a big crowd setlist, and they were playing the big crowd list.
#- Nick sang part of chorus with audience member

Thanks to Sally Parker, Willbeek@aol.com, Chadi Bawardi and 311 Mgmt.